Gourmet Asian Sauces


The secret is in the sauce.
The best cooks know that when you put together the tastiest, freshest ingredients blended in just the right balance, you can create something really magical: a sauce that transforms even the most simple ingredients into a tasty, satisfying meal.
The mystery of Asian cooking really is in the sauce (and finding some of the more obscure ingredients to make it taste just right).  With Annie Chun’s sauce, you’re now on equal footing with some of the best home chefs around.
The other secret behind our Annie Chun's sauces: high quality ingredients, chosen with care. 
They're easy-to-use right from the bottle to create full-flavored noodle dishes (check out our wonderful line of Asian Noodles designed to go with them), stir-fries, and grilled meat, seafood poultry and vegetables. Try them as dressings, dipping sauces, marinades and basting sauces, too.

Pad Thai Sauce
Pad Thai is one of the first Thai dishes everyone tries at their favorite Thai restaurant.  And it’s the one dish they often keep coming back to…So we’ve created this complex...
Shiitake Soy Ginger Sauce
This award-winning sauce was one of our very first products and still is a favorite of all those who try it.  Light and savory, this delicious blend of hearty shiitake mushrooms and low sodium...
Teriyaki Sauce
Not all teriyaki sauces are equal.  Ours uses low sodium, fresh garlic and ginger and no oil. The result: a very light yet robust flavored sauce. It won top honors from Cook's Illustrated...
Thai Peanut Sauce
Any lover of Thai food knows that Thai peanut sauce is an essential part of the popularity of this delicious cuisine.  Ours is full of roasted peanuts mixed with a number of spices to give it...