Ramen House

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Restaurant-quality, fresh cooked ramen noodles. Fresh and healthy!

Have you ever had that late-night craving for ramen, but felt guilty?  Introducing, guilt-free ramen in three delicious soup broths. Our fresh cooked ramen noodles are more flavorful and have a more satisfying texture than everyday dry noodles. And they don't need cooking, just a quick warmup in the microwave and they're ready to go. Quick and easy to prepare, you can now have Japanese-style ramen without leaving home.

For a quick lunch at work or dinner at home, store some in your desk or cupboard, then just heat and serve. You'll be eating a restaurant style meal in minutes that's both healthy and great tasting.

Soy Ginger Ramen
Looking for a more traditional ramen house flavor?  Enjoy our Soy Ginger Ramen made with traditional Japanese soy broth infused with ginger.  Its 100%   made...
Spicy Chicken Ramen House
Need a little kick in your meal?  Try Annie Chun's Spicy Chicken Ramen!  Our spicy and savory chicken broth will bring you to the Japanese ramen house in only 5 minutes....
Spring Vegetable Ramen
Light and Flavorful, Annie Chun's Spring Vegetable Ramen brings you Japanese-style ramen in a vegetarian broth.  Lowfat, dairy-free, and fish/shellfish free, our Spring Vegetable...