Ready in just 2 minutes, our gourmet soups are great by themselves or part of a quick meal.  Enjoy a variety of flavors from throughout Asia anytime and anywhere!

If you want incredible Asian sticky rice in one minute our Rice Express delivers. Each bowl is individually steamed for superior taste, texture and finish.

Our gourmet all natural sauces are a delicious way to liven up any meal. They're award winners because we make them the way you would if you made them from scratch.

Discover the irresistible flavor and texture of Asian Noodles.  If you demand superior taste and quality these are the noodles for you.

Here’s your chance to discover a delicious new snack that’s bursting with flavor and chock-full of vitamins and minerals to keep you going all day long.

Savory, spicy and sweet, Gochujang Sauce is really versatile so use it as a dipping sauce, condiment, marinade for grilling and basting, or just use your imagination!

Our organic potstickers and mini-wontons are made with the freshest ingredients and taste like they came from your favorite Asian restaurant.